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Giving up on The Bridge?

The Bridge on FX

The Bridge on FX

I think I’m about ready to give up on the FX series The Bridge. The overall story is interesting — a Mexican and US cop investigate a body found literally on the border that leads to a wider mystery — but there’s a lot of other stuff that bothers me. The lead US detective has Asperger’s syndrome, which might make her a great detective but the way she behaves there’s no way she’d make it first as a street cop, then progress through the ranks to become a detective in the first place.

But I can suspend my disbelief on that, what I have a harder time with is the killer who seems to be part sorcerer, techno-wizard and stealth-ninja. He’s able to temporarily cut the power to the border crossing to place the body, pull video off an FBI agent’s cell phone, cut off said FBI agents head and place it in a bag within seconds, stake a girl in the desert and broadcast her to the internet but somehow disguise where the camera’s filming from, kill a witness when the police are only feet away…

I get that they want to make the killer this huge threat, but all this gunk makes me think the killer is more Cobra Commander than Ted Bundy.