Resin Heroes

The Dark Knight Rises Poster

Here’s a weird little poster for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie. Weird in that since the angle on the buildings is almost straight up, the only way to see Batman like he is here would be if he were falling forward.

The Amazing Spider-Man Poster

I think this poster for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie is pretty clever. When displayed at a theater, I think it would give the illusion of Spider-Man crashing through the back of the poster frame and into the theater lobby.



The Avengers Captain America Poster from Mondo

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Posters

Two posters for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie. The full-face poster reminds me a lot of the original 2002 poster.

Django Unchained Movie Poster

Poster for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained due in theaters this Christmas.