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Bernie Wrightson 1948-2017 RIP

In my opinion, “legendary” doesn’t quiet do justice to artist/illustrator/designer Bernie Wrightson. I remember seeing Wrightson at a comic book convention in Chicago in either 1995 or 1996. He was on a panel with several other artists. No offense to those other artists but the only person I remember on the panel was Wrightson since I was such a huge fan. I’ve been a devote of his since the early0-1980s when I found loads and loads of old Swamp Thing comics and Creepy magazines some kid’s mom was selling at a garage sale.

Wrightson will be missed but his work will live on and on and on — kind’a like the monsters he was most famous for drawing.

Bernie Wrightson The Faculty (1998) creature concept art

Bernie Wrightson Ghost Rider Drawing

Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing splash page


Bernie Wrightson vampire illustration