Resin Heroes

Who we are

Bert Ehrmann is a web developer and lover of all things pop-culture who lives in northeast Indiana. He’s been working in the advertising/marketing field since 1998 and has experience with HTML, PHP, Flash, managing web servers and site implementation. Along with working on online projects the last decade, Bert has also done printed work including brochures, catalogs, magazine advertisements and photo retouching. He has worked with clients as diverse as Buell Motorcycles, Vera Bradley, Lutheran Health Network, Starcraft Marine and Biomet to name a few.

Dangerous Universe has been Bert’s web playground since 1998 when personal web sites were a rarity rather than the norm. Over the years, Bert has written hundreds of thousands of words for Dangerous Universe and has redesigned the site more times than he can count, but it’s all been a labor of love. (At least that’s what he tells himself.)

Bert collects just about everything he deems as “cool” not limited to toys, movie posters, comic books, magazines, etc. He is also a columnist for the newspaper the Fort Wayne Reader.

Mo Alexander
Mo was the first non-Bert contributor to Dangerous Universe. Mo has been a proofreader and constant contributor.

Matt Alexander
Matt currently works full time at Queens Creek Outfitters. He loves watching movies and is a horror fanatic. Just ask the life size Leatherface in his room. He wishes the time between seasons of all of his favorite shows on Sci-Fi wouldn’t be so long. He misses being able to watch MST3K on tv instead of DVD.

Michael Summers
Michael Summers is a co-founder of the ubër popular bi-weekly newspaper the Fort Wayne Reader, previously working as a copywriter at Sweetwater Sound. When he’s not practicing guitar or writing the next great American novel, he’s helping out with, or writing for, Dangerous Universe. In attempt to exorcise his demons, Michael wrote a story about the movie THE BERMUDA DEPTHS. Now it seems as is he gets an e-mail everyday from another fan about that movie.

Michael has contributed to Dangerous Universe since 1999 and “has no plans on stopping unless I wear my elbows out working on my computer.”

Jay Ehrmann
Currently in a band called “Burn Without Opening” planning on staying irresponsible for as long as possible. Almost done with college.