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The Walking Dead: Zombie Plot Device

I was, is and am a big proponent of the TV series The Walking Dead. I championed the show when it was first announced and couldn’t believe that one of my favorite writer/directors Frank Darabont was the one who was heading up the series. And, after the stunning first season of The Walking Dead I became even more fanatical about the show and counted the days until the start of the second.

And even with the second season, after Darabont was unceremoniously dumped from the show and The Walking Dead shifted gears from instead focusing on a group of people on the run from a zombie apocalypse to instead a group of people holed-up on a farm trying to wait out said apocalypse I still was, and am, a fan of the show.

But I have to admit that I feel like after the start of the second half of the second season of the show I started liking The Walking Dead less and less with each viewing. And I’d have to guess the reason for this is because of that farm.

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