Resin Heroes

Why thank you, Mister Postman!

Well it certainly appears that Christmas came a little early this year for some lucky Xbox One preorder folks via Target.

According to Gameinformer, user “MoonlightSwami” was one of the very select few to receive their Xbox One preorders, due to a shipping error.

Once received, some users even shared their joy by posting on Twitter and YouTube.

Of course, once Micro$oft found out about the early delivery of the “bundles of joy” the systems were immediately BANNED from using the Xbox Live online service.

Now even I have to admit that even though street dates are just that, and folks are trying to protect their intellectual property, its kinda messed up that users are now banned from using Xbox Live.

All should be well, as “MoonlightSwami” and the rest of the users were told via Micro$oft that eventually their systems would be back online and  100% usable.

What really sucks is now they get to just stare at their unusable BRICKS (at least online) for a few more weeks.