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The Last of Us…


Ok, so I know I am a little slow with the game reviews, but hey, better late than never..

Now I am pretty sure that everyone nowadays is getting real tired of Zombies, and zombie-related movies / games / etc.

And I must admit, after seeing “The Walking Dead” several times on AMC got me wondering whether or not I would really like this game.

Boy, I am glad I didn’t make that judgment call…  because once again developer Naughty Dog took the PlayStation 3 to the brink and back with its latest title “The Last of Us”.

Naughty Dog hasn’t been a stranger to the gaming community.  As a matter of fact they have released several games for Sony over the past decade, including the “Uncharted” series.

However, with “The Last of Us“, Naughty Dog took a different approach to the old “Treasure Hunting / Puzzle Solving” action adventure that the Uncharted series brought out, and went someplace darker, and brought out a deeper story-line, and included a whole new aspect on surviving an apocalypse.

The story starts out with Joel, a single father, living with his teen daughter in the suburbs, when (on his birthday), all hell breaks loose.  A form of fungal infection has begun sweeping across the nation, causing infected individuals to become a form of zombie (whether it be a runner, a clicker, or a bloater..).  Joel escapes with his daughter, only to be confronted by National Guardsmen who cause a bit of problem themselves..  Which in turn throws the story line 20 years into the future, where Joel meets Ellie, an infected teen who is immune from the zombie-itis.  ( I wont reveal any more of the plot)

Right from the start, Naughty Dog demonstrates how it is breaking away from the typical mainstream of Zombie plots, and throwing in a bunch of curve balls.

And it totally pays off.  In the end, after playing the game for 20 + hours, (I know .. I’m slow.. but I gotta get my trophies!!) the game leaves you with a bit of a twist, along with the possibility of a potential sequel?

To be honest, I would be fine either way.. hearing that Naughty Dog is making a sequel (cause, well this game was damn good), or ending the whole story right with this chapter.   This is one of those rare gems that will be really difficult to top, story wise.   The Drama, Graphics, Gameplay, Sound, Violence, Gore, Hardships… all of it was there and then some.

So here’s my take:  If you have a PS3, go pick up this game.  This is definitely a triple A game worth getting.

You wont be disappointed….the-last-of-us-black-and-white