Resin Heroes

Glad I am not a gambling man….


In another brilliant reversal move by Micro$oft, the new Xbox One will now allow indie developers to publish their game on Xbox Live without requiring a publishing partner.

It seems that what Micro$0ft ultimately did was take all the negative press from E3 concerning the Xbox One, and decided “nah, lets not do that”, causing some indie publishers to jump ship, and head to Sony.

(Including the “Oddworld” developer, and “Bastion” developer.. )

Sony, on the other hand, has been up front and working with all indie developers that it could possibly get ahold of for the new PlayStation 4.

Regardless, this does have the potential to reverse the flow of folks signing up for a PS 4 for a Xbone (Not me though..)

Now, if Micro$oft would drop the whole “Kinect is required” mantra, and drop the price $100, they may get a bit more folks signing up for a pre-order.

Maybe next it will run all Apple products too?   Click Me.