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Micro$oft Strikes Again!

xbone6_6610 copy

Well, so far Micro$oft seems to be wanting to shoot itself in the foot with its new system, the Xbox One (or XBone by all the non-fan boys).

Announced this past Thursday, Micro$oft now has said that the Xbox One requires a internet connection every 24 hours.

That’s right kids, Uncle Bill wants you to make sure your Xbox stays online, even if you want to play your games.

So, if you got a hankerin to play your games offline, after 24 hours, you are locked out.  (Nice..)

ALTHOUGH you can still watch your TV programs! YAH!..  wait don’t I already have a box for that?

Considering that the U.S. ranks 7 on Broadband access (unless you live in Vermont or Delaware or Rhode Island), this is going to give a lot folks headaches.
(Yeah, talking to you all south of the Mason-Dixon Line..)  And last time I checked, the new systems didn’t have dial-up connections…

Watch for more details coming soon, as E3 is right around the corner.