Resin Heroes


Summer Movies – As the summer movie season winds down over the next few weeks here is a rundown on the movies I saw this season and what I thought about them:

Forever War Concept Art– I stumbled upon this really nice looking concept art for the adaptation of the book "The Forever War" while surfing one of the Neal Adam's web sites.

Starship Troopers 2– Y.A.B.C.M.P. (Or) Yet-Another-Bert-Created-Movie-Poster. This time for the upcoming movie "Starship Troopers 2."

Custom Stikfas– Never being satisfied in having a "plain" toy, my good friend Tim Faurote decided to transform his collection of "generic" Stikfas into comic book characters, some well known some not so well known.

Poster Poster– See what happens when one movie poster designer takes a liking to another poster used in a television show.

2003/2004 Television Pilots – Witness the birth of bad television.

EyeTV – Think Tivo minus the television.

The Way of the Poster – Two posters one design.

Goodbye Miami – When you're written out of a show it also means that you're taken out of the promotional materials. But what happens when Dangerous Universe has the old and new materials?

Star Wars: Atack of the Clones - Lame Rationalizations for Another Disappointing Star Wars Prequel.

The Forever War - After learning that my favorite book "The Forever War" is being turned into a mini-series for the Sci Fi Channel, I dug through my old portfolio and sketch books looking for drawings I've made about the book. Drawings One – Drawings Two – Drawings Three

Reign of Fire movie poster - This time I tried my hand at creating a poster for the upcoming movie "Reign of Fire", a movie about the return of dragons in modern times.

Space: Above and Gone - It’s been almost seven years since the show “Space: Above and Beyond” first aired and six since it was canceled. After all these years I still miss the show. Guess what? It’s 2002 and I still feel the same way.

Memento, Best Movie of 2001? - I have to admit that I neither saw “Memento” in theaters nor waited in excitement for it to come out on DVD. I might have never saw the movie if it wasn’t for a recommendation from Michael Summers. He suggested that I go out and buy the movie, saying that it was the sort of movie that I’d “dig”. He was right.

You Am I The Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band - Here's what I found out, when (after wandering the world's musical landscape for years) I finally and unexpectedly stumbled upon You Am I, the world's greatest rock and roll band.

BLACK HAWK DOWN movie poster - A few months ago I took it upon myself to whip up my own version of a BLACK HAWK DOWN movie poster…

Dream of the Big, Huge Turtle - For nearly two decades, I was obsessed with a late 70s made-for-TV movie about a giant turtle and a girl with glowing green eyes

ER : DO NOT RESUSCITATE - Ask any television guru: 5 years is the life span for a dramatic series. A successful sitcom dies a slow death.


Part of Five: Show of Hideous Evil - But I maintain that Party of Five takes place in a world as strange and bizarre and as removed from reality as anything shown on the X-Files.