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The Astronaut Wives Club

I watched the ABC series The Astronaut Wives Club last weekend. It’s interesting because the series trying to be a bit like Mad Men but showing things from the women’s POV. But it’s weird because without the men’s POV it just makes the men look bad, like they have no dimension other than chasing girls and partying.

What’s interesting with The Astronaut Wives Club is that it appears as if each episode takes place what looks like several months to a year after the previous one as the space race evolves from Mercury to Gemini to Apollo. So we start in 1960 and go to 1970 something, or more likely Apollo 11 in ’69, in 10 episodes. Which could be really interesting since characters could totally change over the course of a few weeks, let alone a few seasons. And with each episode each of the wives could take center stage as it’s HER husband to go into space this time.

I’m interested in how they tell the story of the astronauts wives in this manner, but I’m not totally sold on the overall story yet.