Resin Heroes

Quotes of Note – The Man in the High Castle: “Pilot”

the man in the high castleFrank Fink: “They won the war and they think modern art is degenerate.”
(As ash rains down from the sky)
Police Officer: “It’s the hospital. Tuesdays they burn cripples, the terminally ill – the drag on the state.”
Obergruppenführer: “Your orders are to flog this man until he answered your questions…has he answered your questions?”
Torturer: “No, Obergruppenführer.”
Obergruppenführer: “Then your orders are to keep flogging him, You torture men, do you have a problem with beating a man to death?”
Torturer: “No, Obergruppenführer.”
Obergruppenführer: “Good! Then do as you are told.”