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Underbelly: Fat Tony & Co.

Back in 2008 the Australian crime drama TV series Underbelly premiered. That first season dealt with a real-life gangland war in Melbourne in the mid 1990s with each subsequent season following different real-life Australian “Jacks vs crims” from heroin smugglers in the 1970s to a modern-day drug kingpin murderer in Sydney.

Since that first season premiered there’s been a total of six Underbelly series and three TV movies all with different stories and with different casts.

That’s why the upcoming seventh Underbelly series Fat Tony & Co. is so interesting. Fat Tony & Co. goes back to the events of the first Underbelly series and tells a parallel story from the POV of a minor character there. But the really cool part is that from the looks of the TV commercial promoting the show, they’ve also got most of the original cast back too six years after they parted ways after the end of the original Underbelly.

Fat Tony & Co. is set to premiere this November in Australia and currently DIRECTV airs Underbelly here in the US, so I’d assume that if and when Fat Tony & Co. premiered here it’d be sometime in ’15.