Resin Heroes

Quotes of Note – Hannibal: “Su-zakana”

Alana Bloom: “The only thing stranger than finding a woman inside a horse is seeing you back in therapy with Will Graham.”
Hannibal Lecter: “It is healthy he is back in therapy – with a good psychiatrist.”
Will Graham: “I discovered a truth about myself when I tried to have you killed.”
Hannibal Lecter: “That doing bad things to bad people makes you feel good.”
Hannibal Lecter: “I’m much weirder than you’ll ever be…it’s fine to be weird.”
Will Graham: “I am alone in (the) darkness.”
Hannibal Lecter: “You’re not alone Will, I’m standing right beside you.”
Hannibal Lecter: “Will, this is not the reckoning you promised yourself.”
Hannibal Lecter: “I can feed the caterpillar and I can whisper through the chrysalis but what hatches follows it’s own nature and is beyond me.”


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