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Where the “$” in Micro$oft actually comes from

Xbox One Controller_front Upon finishing up my article on the Dual Shock 4 from Sony, I figured I would do a little justice towards Micro$oft and talk a little bit about their new Xbox One Controller.

The new Xbox One controller has also been redesigned, with tighter triggering mechanisms and enhanced rumble capabilities.

However, true to making sure that Micro$oft generates a profit, the Xbox One controller ships with a pair of AA batteries for general use.  That’s right gang, if you want to enjoy the possibility of charging your controller when or not in use, you have to shell out another $24.99 per controller for the “Play and Charge” kit.  The kit essentially scores you a 9 foot long charging cable (with LED Indicator), and a set of Lithium Ion battery pack for use.  Does anyone else think that this isn’t very customer centric??

I guess the good thing to know is this:

“A portion of your generous payment towards the Micro$oft corporation will be donated to a needy cause”.

Well played Mr. Gates!