Resin Heroes

Under the Dome is underwhelming


The first episode of Under the Dome starts of promising enough but soon turns into a great big steaming pile of “meh.” The overall concept of a small town cut off from the outside world by a mysterious invisible dome is promising. I think this alone could have made a good story – I see that as 127 Hours but with hundreds of people. But instead we get two “mustache twirling” villains in “Big Jim” (Dean Norris) and son Junior (Alexander Koch). Big Jim sees the dome as a way to seize power in the town while Junior sees it as a way to lock away his friend with benefits Angie (Britt Robertson) in the families fall out shelter.

Will Big Jim turn the town of Chester’s Mills into a dictatorship? Will Junior get even crazier? Will I watch more than three episodes of Under the Dome before giving up on this one?

All signs point to “yes.”