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Marvel Entertainment announced today that starting this September characters of Pixar’s The Incredibles will officially become a part of the Marvel comic book universe. The new book, titled Family Force: The Incredibles, will star the Incredible family along with Frozone and all will do battle with the evil Dr. Doom in the first issue. Then in October, The Incredibles are set to be the center of a Marvel crossover event titled “Shockwaves” with The Avengers and Captain America. Both will turn up in The Incredibles and The Incredibles will appear in those two mainstream Marvel titles.

“Shockwaves” follows Loki, Red Skull and Syndrome uncovering the key to The Incredibles past that threatens to destroy the future of the family.

It has been rumored that Marvel has an eye on a live-action The Incredibles movie franchise that would tie to the current Marvel universe of movies, and this comic book just might be the first step in this process.