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Titan Fall – Angel City Demo

Titanfall_wallpaper2560x1440Ok, I have to admit:  I am a sucker for Mech-based games.  And when Respawn took the stage back in E3 this year with their announcement that “TitanFall” was coming out in the near future.. I was excited.   From EA and Respawn Entertainment are bring the thunder, with Mechs’ stomping around, blowing things up; “Call of Duty” Style game mechanics and next generation graphics.. This seemed to be the next best game coming out.

Then I found out the sad news:  TitanFall will be a exclusive title for the Xbone, and may (or may not) make it over to the PlayStation 4.   And since I really like what Sony has come out with as far as the PlayStation 4, that’s the platform I am leaning towards.  The good news is that it will also be available for the PC (whether or not the rig can actually play it is another matter entirely!)

*A little history side note: Respawn Entertainment is the company built from the ashes of the nasty split from Activision and the developer “Infinity Ward”. I guess this is an excellent score for Micro$oft, giving them a shooter that will stack up against “Call of Duty” and the “Battlefield” series.
But, it truly shows what you can do to sway a developer when you throw money at them. 🙂

Check out the Angel City video, courtesy of