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More Mars Attacks cards due out this fall

A second round of Mars Attacks cards, this time all-new, are due out this September. From Previews:

A bold revival of the classic series! The Topps Company presents the return of the beloved sci-fi icon with the first all-new story-based Mars Attacks card set in half a century. Featuring a brand-new story and all-new fully painted artwork by a roster of talent including Earl Norem, Joe Jusko, Greg Staples, Glen Orbik, Ed Repka, and many more! Collectible chase cards include subsets with all-new art and exciting, creative parallels! Each box is guaranteed to contain two hits which include autographed cards, patch relics, medallion relics, printing plates, and hand-drawn sketch cards! Also included are a limited number of original 1962 Mars Attacks cards randomly inserted