Resin Heroes

Mark Verheiden, co-producer and writer of BSG & Falling Skies and writer of Aliens comic books interview

Looking back now, from the perspective of 25 years doing comics, film and television, I’m amazed at the freedom we were given by Fox on the first three (Aliens) series. The Dark Horse editorial folks may have fought wars that I never heard about, but I can only recall two or three “notes” from the studio. And those were minor, like asking to tone down some extreme piece of violence.

I will note that I was asked to do another Aliens comic series around 1994 or so, which if memory serves would have been set on Earth, but things had changed politically and that story was killed by Fox because it evidently (and accidentally) came perilously close to whatever they were developing that eventually morphed into Alien Resurrection.

Via: Strange Shapes Interviews Mark Verheiden