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Jack Ryan movie posters, best to worst

Since the poster for the new Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie due out later this year was released this week, I thought it might be interesting to rate all the Jack Ryan movie posters over the years from best to worst.


The Hunt for Red October

This poster is pure simplicity with a stark color scheme that draws the eye to the central figure of the conning tower of the sub.


Patriot Games

Though this poster screams “1990s design” with its colors, typography and photographic noise, it’s still quite effective.



The Sum of All Fears

This poster is interesting, but it’s got a bit too much going on here, from explosions to east vs west, helicopters, some dude running…



Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Simply put, this poster is a mess. We’ve got the main character looking down at his gun, or maybe arm. A weird blur on the sides of the image that doesn’t make visual sense either since that glow ties with the glow of the background buildings and makes it look like Jack Ryan has weird white mushrooms growing out of his back.



Clear and Present Danger

“How can we make the Jack Ryan character even more patriotic? I know, let’s wrap him in a flag!”