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Illustrator Dave Dorman releases book of G.I. Joe art

heroIllustrator Dave Dorman, probably best known for a series of comic and book cover illustrations of the Star Wars universe in the 1990s, is releasing a self-published book of artwork he did for the design of G.I. Joe action figures.

Between the mid 1980’s thru the early 90’s I had the great pleasure to work with Hasbro toys producing art for in-house use helping create the design of GI Joe action figures. This work was for production only and not intended for reproduction, promotion, or packaging. I have had many fans over the years ask about this art. Because there is continued interest to this day to see these unpublished pieces, I have taken your wishes and decided to publish some of these in a small book. While there have been a few articles in collector’s magazines and online interviews about this work, and a few scattered publication of a couple of pieces, this will be the first real collection my Hasbro work from this period.

The art featured in the book will be full color paintings produced to make the GI Joe toy figures look as if they would in real life. I will also feature some of the pencil preliminary work that went into my painting preparation. The art covers both Joe and Cobra and some variations of uniforms not produced.

The book retails for $20 + $5 shipping.