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Hanna-Barbera Space Stars & Teen Force

2849078_249pxFor the longest time I’ve been searching out a cartoon I used to watch as a kid. I remember it airing on USA Cartoon Express Sunday mornings in the mid-1980s. I don’t remember specifics about the cartoon other than it featured sci-fi-ish characters riding around the cosmos on things that looked like a cross between motorcycles and space ships while solving crimes.

Some friends have suggested that what I was misremembering was The Galaxy Trio, another cartoon which was a cross between Star Trek and X-Men. I don’t remember seeing The Galaxy Trio as a child, but when I did finally see a few episodes of it on Boomerang a few years back it was close to what I remembered but was lacking the space-cycles.

I almost started to wonder if I was remembering something wrong, or that I was perhaps combining two cartoons and thinking it was really just one?

This morning I finally figured out what cartoon I was remembering, it’s called Teen Force and was one of the featured shows in the Hanna-Barbera series called Space Stars. Apparently, Space Stars aired back in ’81-’82 on NBC and later was syndicated on USA. I don’t remember it on NBC but used to live to watch it Sunday mornings.

And now Space Stars is set to be released on DVD at some point in the near future.