Resin Heroes

Damn this game!!


Ranking right up there in your top 10 addictions, we have our next iteration from Popcap games.  Plants Vs. Zombies 2 brings back that good old fashioned tower defense gaming, along with Crazy Dave in his quest for his already eaten taco.

This time around, Crazy Dave decides to travel back in time to eat his taco yet again, only to wind up in ancient Egypt, a Pirate Cove, and the old Wild West.  And of course, the Zombies are back to try and eat your brains!

I think I’ve already burned about 10 hours on this game alone!  The only bummer is the attempts at “In-Game Purchases”, which really aren’t needed.  As you progress along in the game, you’ll unlock all the plants you ever need to defend your home.

Give it a go!  Its just as addicting as the original!