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Behold! Your next LaserDisc Player

Yes indeed, Microsoft has rolled out its next generation gaming system today, aptly dubbed the Xbox One. The shear design research that went into this new RECTANGLE-SHAPED console must have been staggering (Sarcasm not being with-held..).

Not to mention that Microsoft’s press conference for the reveal of the new system consisted of 30 + minutes showing off the Xbox One’s interactive TV functionality.   Kinect interactivity to change the TV channel, and check the web at the same time.  Um, games anyone?

Well, EA did reveal four new sports titles for the system, due out “in the next 12 months”.  It appears that Fifa14 seems to be the big push, followed up with Madden 25.  I truly wonder if this new system will improve my golf swing in Tiger Woods..   By the way, ZERO gameplay here in the reveal.  More like several cut scenes from the games, along with a few professional sports stars stating that the gameplay is getting better and better each time around.  Bah….

And of course, to close out the press conference, Activision closes with the reveal of Call of Duty – Dogs..  I mean Ghosts.  Sorry, just the simple fact that Infinity Ward and Activision are taking the next step into NextGen gaming with a Call of Duty team-mate as a “Seal Commando Dog” really makes me wonder what the hell is happening with today’s entertainment writers..

I do have to give Microsoft credit:  At least they showed off their entire system.  However, they had 3 months after which Sony released specs and the new Dual Shock4 controller for the PlayStation 4.  You would have had at least thought Microsoft would have looked at the current design and gone  “what the hell are we THINKING?!”

So stayed tuned gamers!  More to come on the Pro’s and Con’s of each system coming soon!