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Sports Night on FXX – Set your DVRs!

The underrated and short-lived Sports Night, created by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing and Newsroom fame, is set to air weekdays from 1 to 2 (EST) on the new FXX network starting this Tuesday (9/3).



New Doc Savage book cover painting, “Doc Savage: The Miracle Menace”


Cool images of the week for August 30, 2013

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A mishmash of cool images I’ve collected throughout the week.

Stuff I’m looking forward to, August ’13 edition

The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection (Dec)

When Batman crosses paths with the grim and gritty Judge Dredd, things are bound to get ugly! In these tales from the 1990s, the two crimefighters face The Riddler and The Joker and battle extradimensional gladiators.

Creature Commandos (Jan, ’14)

In one of DC’s strangest comics ever, a werewolf, a vampire, a gorgon, and Frankenstein’s monster fight against the German forces during World War II. Collecting stories from WEIRD WAR TALES #93, 97, 100, 102, 105, 108-112, 114-119, 121 and 124!

Batman 1989 Movie Michael Keaton 1:4 Scale Action Figure (Oct)

Batman, in extra large. If you’ve ever wanted an extra-large figure of Michael Keaton from the 1989 Batman movie, here’s your chance! This Batman 1989 Movie Michael Keaton 1:4 Scale Action Figure stands 18-inches tall and features over 20 points of articulation, plus a utility belt, Batarang, grapple-gun, interchangeable hands, and more! This definitive action figure in actor Michael Keaton’s likeness and a real fabric cape is just about mandatory for anyone who loves the Batman film that defined the Caped Crusader for the modern generation.

Spider-Man 2099 Volume 2 (Oct)

Miguel O’Hara, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man of the year 2099, returns! When Spider-Man clashes with the Public Eye, he finds himself at a disadvantage – but is suddenly saved by the mysterious Thanatos. Has Downtown found a new hero, or does Thanatos have a more sinister agenda? And what is his connection to the mysterious Net Prophet, who arrives in 2099 through a portal from a strange and new universe? When Thanatos reveals his true colors, Spider-Man must battle for survival in a virtual unreality world! Plus: who is Mutagen, and why is he targeting people born with genetic impurities?

Doom Patrol DC Nation Animated Short

I think this looks great! Too bad they’re just shorts, though. DP02_Still01

Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation have released media for new animated short-form content set to debut this Saturday, August 24th, 2013 during the DC Nation programming block. The animated short “Doom Patrol – Chapter One: Challenge of the Timeless Commander” will make its debut this weekend. The hour-long DC Nation programming block airs Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network.