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The Avengers Movie Review

Grade A: The Avengers is the ultimate superhero team-up movie. This could almost be my whole review but since I like to keep my reviews at around 300 words and not nine I will write on…

Marvel Entertainment already has a great track record with their slate of comic book based  films. They already have hugely popular films like Captain American, Iron Man, Thor and (the less popular) The Incredible Hulk with side characters such as Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury who’ve also appeared in those movies who have a following in their own right. So, it was really a no-brainer on Marvel’s part to put all these characters together into one movie; The Avengers.

In The Avengers, Thor’s godly brother Loki threatens the Earth with domination after he steals the powerful and mystical “Cosmic Cube” that will allow an alien army a gateway to invade the planet and it’s up to The Avengers to stop him.

And really, for comic book geeks like me we don’t need anything more than “Hulk SMASH” and Cap kicking butt. However, The Avengers is more, it’s a movie for the geeks as well as the general public who probably doesn’t know their Cosmic Cubes from their Infinity Gauntlets. I think The Avengers can be a crossover hit like this because of writer/director Joss Whedon who’s not only a guy who can come up with one heck of a compelling story but can also breath life and humor into a movie full of characters. Which, looking at previous team movies like X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four is no easy task.