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Mars Attacks #1 Complete Box Set, Lame?

I’m absolutely over the moon at all the Mars Attacks merch coming out for the series’ 50th anniversary this year. That is except for the Mars Attacks #1 Complete Box Set, which sounds cool as a complete 55-comic set in a cool collectible box for (gulp!) $200.

But as hard as I tried, I couldn’t figure out when a 55-comic set of Mars Attacks comics were ever released. There was a set released in the 1990s that wasn’t nearly 55 issues long and a few comics in the 1980s but that was it. Then I read the details on the Complete Box Set, it’s 55 issues of the SAME #1 issue of the new upcoming Mars Attacks comic with all of the 55 variant covers of all the original Mars Attacks cards.

How lame is that!? Very.