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In Defense of The Walking Dead

I completely agree with this critic’s assertion that this season of The Walking Dead is as good, if not better than the first:

Fans of AMC’s hit zombie series are frothing mad about the show’s slower, milder second season. Too much talk! Not enough blown-off undead heads! Now for a dissenting opinion from GQ’s culture critic: The Walking Dead has never been better

via Walking Dead Season Two Review by Tom Carson: Movies + TV: GQ.

People complaining about The Walking Dead not having enough thrills this season reminds me a lot of the people who’d complain that The Sopranos didn’t have enough mob bosses getting wacked each season. It’s like people have a preconceived notion as to how a series should play out, but when it doesn’t they get upset.

It seems like if people got their way and The Walking Dead were only about zombies shambling and people running away from them would that be a show anyone would want to watch week after week after week? I think not.