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2003-2004 Television Pilots (Incomplete at Best)

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Relive the 2002-2003 Television Pilots

Network – Fox
Untitled“: Adam Shankman (“The Wedding Planner” ) will direct. About a couple that breaks up but continues working together on an advice column.

Mister Ed“: Remake of the 1960s comedy. The show will have the same premise as the original — a guy owns a horse that talks, but only to him. The twist for the remake is that the horse has a hip-hop sensibility instead of the original’s countrified drawl.

No Place Like Home“: A drama about two teens who get married despite their wildly different backgrounds. Rebecca DeMornay will play the mother of the bride, baffled by her daughter’s behavior and struggling with her husband’s imprisonment for embezzlement.

Cracking Up“: A psychology grad student living in the guest house of a eccentric Beverly Hills clan and becomes their house shrink. (Or) Revolves around a college student studying psychology who moves into a guest house owned by a seemingly perfect family. He soon realizes, however, that the family is a mess and ends up counseling them. Starring Nicholas D’Agosto (“Election, “Psycho Beach Party”) and Molly Shannon (“Saturday Night Live.”)

Title Town“, or “Titletown“: From “That ’70s Show” executive producer Linda Wallem. Follows three families who live in a small-town cul-de-sac and all live for one thing: the Green Bay Packers. (Or) About several families who live in Green Bay, Wis., and are devoted fans of the NFL’s Packers.

The Warrens“: Revolves around an upper-middle-class African-American family.

Untitled“: Drama set at a luxury hotel in the Hamptons.

Richie Rich“: The latest incarnation of the poor little rich boy will find Richie Rich as a teenager living in present-day New York. “We see him as kind a JFK Jr. type living it up in New York,” said Susanne Daniels. “There’s a sense of empowerment about him for kids — he always got away with a lot because of his money, but he was really always generous and good to his friends.”

The Mallards“: About a family whose life is disrupted when the father’s illegitimate teenage son comes to meet him. (Or) Comedy about an affluent family whose life is disrupted when the father’s illegitimate son moves in with them. Starring Greg Germann (“Ally McBeal.”)

Untitled“: Luis Guzman ( “Boogie Nights,” “Oz” ) as a businessman and unofficial mayor of his Spanish Harlem neighborhood.

Untitled“: “Eraser” meets “Face/Off.” From John Woo.

Untitled“: A woman fresh out of college finds she has the power to alter the course of events and save people’s lives. The feel is similar to that of time-warping movies like “Run Lola Run” and “Groundhog Day.” (Or) A young woman who discovers she can go back in time and relive a day in order to save lives. Rob Cohen (“XXX”) or Phillip Noyce (“The Quiet American” “Rabbit-Proof Fence” ) will direct. Starring Eliza Dushku (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.”)

Untitled” : Centers on a woman who can communicate with animals and uses her ability to help people.

Skin” : A modernized version of the classic story of “Romeo and Juliet” set against the backdrop of the adult-film industry. Ron Silver will star as a Los Angeles adult film impresario.Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

The O.C.” : From “Fastlane” executive producer McG and writer Josh Schwartz. To be directed by Doug Liman, director of “The Bourne Identity.” Its lead character is a streetwise teenager adjusting to life in an affluent part of Orange County, Calif. Also features a public defender whose idealism is put at risk by the world of money, comfort and complacency of Orange County. (Or) About a group of young adults trying to start their lives in a wealthy area of Orange County. Starring Peter Gallagher (“American Beauty,” “Mr. Deeds”.)

The Break” : The Hawaii-based show is from John Stockwell, who directed last year’s surfer-girl movie “Blue Crush” and the 2001 teen romance “Crazy/Beautiful.” It’s about a cop who returns to Hawaii from the mainland to reunite with his son and work as an undercover officer. Starring Dylan Bruno (“Rage: Carrie 2”), Brooke Langton (“Melrose Place,” “Swinger.)

Still Life” : The story of a family seen through the deceased eyes of their 22-year-old son who has recently passed away.

No Place Like Home” : Revolves around two families from different backgrounds who are forced together when their teenage children decide to get married.

NYPD 2069” : A futuristic cop show from Stephen Bochco. Being referred to as “Steven Bochco’s frozen cop drama.” (Or) After someone tries to murderv New York City detective Alex Franco in the present day, he’s cryogenically frozen and not reanimated until 2069. He then rejoins the police force and searches for the man, now elderly, who tried to kill him. Alex partners with a cop from the future. Starring Josh Hopkins (“Ally McBeal”) as Alex Franco, Kevin Dunn (“Gleason”), Anna Gunn (“The Practice”), Annie Parisse (“How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days”), and Danny Pino (“Men, Women & Dogs”) as the future cop partner.

The WB
Fearless“: Rachael Leigh Cooke has joined the Bruckheimer produced WB series about a girl born without any sense of fear who joins the FBI SCD.

Exit 9“: Family comedy. Starring Robin Rikker (“The Gregory Hines Show”) and Ian Gomez (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Felicity,” “Norm”, and “The Drew Carey Show.”)

Ravens“: A pair of half brothers growing up in a small town. Moira Kelly (“The Cutting Edge”, “The West Wing”) will star.

Sweet Potato Queens“: Based on the popular books, will star Delta Burke as a Southern belle working at a bar where she holds monthly meetings of the all-woman Sweet Potato Club. Burke’s character will also have a teenage daughter.

Untitled“: Starring rapper/actor Bow Wow (“Like Mike” ). He will play a high-school teacher who’s the same age as his students.

Young MacGyver“: Revived, and retooled, for a next-generation-style show. Like old MacGyver young MacGyver will work for the Phoenix Foundation, an agency devoted to defeating diabolical minds, one episode at a time.(Or) The nephew of the original MacGyver — played by Richard Dean Anderson on the ABC show — who’s brought into his uncle’s Phoenix Foundation, a think tank/crime-fighting organization. Starring Jared Padalecki (“Gilmore Girls.”)

Immediate Family“: The show, based on idea of Lori Loughlins (“Full House”, “Birds of Prey”), is about a single woman who, along with several friends, becomes a surrogate mother to her sister’s three kids when their parents are killed.

All About the Andersons“: About a struggling actor with a young son who moves back in with his parents.

Sixteen to Life“: About a working-class teenage girl with a job at a country club who also takes care of her father.

Untitled“: By writer Betsy Thomas ( “My So-Called Life” ) about a teenage girl who lives with three older siblings.

The Spaces“: About the teen years of the first boy born in an outer-space colony. “Greg the Bunny’s” Dan Milano wrote the script.

The Courtship of Eddie’s Father“: A remake of the 1970s series. By writer Jay Kogen ( “Frasier,” “Ned and Stacey” ).

Family Friends“: A mom and her teenage son who are hurting financially move in with the mother’s best friend and her family.

The Help“: A comedic take on “Upstairs/Downstairs” from “Married … with Children” executive producer Ron Leavitt.

Trash“: Comedy.

Chasing Alice” : Cop show meets “Alice in Wonderland.” The show’s main character is a London detective who travels to New York to look for her missing sister. She encounters a number of seedy types in her search, some of whom are based on characters from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Shadow Walkers“: An action-adventure show about a married pair of archeologists who, with their kids, hunt for the truth about mythic characters.

Dicks“: About four guys not long out of high school who go to community college, get their private investigators’ licenses and go into business together. The series is not only about cases, but it’s also about these friends figuring out who they are and growing up together. Rhea Perlman (“Cheers”) will appear playing the instructor at a Los Angeles community college teaching four aimless twentysomethings to become private investigators. The show is produced by Jersey TV, a company that just happens to have Perlman’s husband Danny DeVito as a partner.

Tarzan” : In New York.

Untitled” : “Gilmore Girls” spinoff centered on Jess (Milo Ventimiglia).

Untitled“: Comedy from Jay Scherick and David Ronn (both “Spin City” alums). The untitled sitcom, formerly at NBC, will feature focus on a woman and her two brothers. Starring Samantha Mathis (“Harsh Realm,” “Broken Arrow”.)

Three Guys“: Co-written by “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen. The show follows four men confronting the various pressures of marriage, family life and dating. Allen will provide narration but doesn’t plan to appear on camera.

Untitled“: Jenny McCarthy will will play the spoiled daughter of a business tycoon. She’s tossed into the real world when her dad goes to jail and the family’s money disappears.

Hope and Faith“: About a housewife whose soap-opera star sister moves in with her. In “The Odd Couple” vein.

My Life with Men“: About a woman who takes care of her husband, father and four sons. In “The Odd Couple” vein.

Untitled“: Follows a man whose parents are very conservative and his girlfriend, the daughter of a gay couple. In “The Birdcage” vein.

Untitled“: About a rather shy New Yorker whose wife comes from a big, boisterous family from Kansas. In “The Odd Couple” vein.

Platonically Incorrect“: It focuses on a man and woman who work together and are best friends outside the office.

The DA” or “The D.A.“: Steven Weber will play the title role. The show revolves around a veteran, career-minded prosecutor who teams up with a young investigator to solve the murder of a colleague. (Or) About a careerist district attorney who forms a partnership with a young investigator when one of his colleagues is murdered. Starring Steven Weber and J.K. Simmons (“Oz” and “Spider-Man.”)

Hench at Home“: About a newly retired pro hockey player adjusting to being home with his wife and three kids for extended periods of time. Michael J. Fox will executive produce.

Untitled“:Centers on an everyday guy who starts dating a female celebrity. Teri Polo ( “Meet The Parents,” “Sports Night” ) and David Sutcliff will star

Untitled“: “Speed” redux.

The Street Lawyers“: Based on John Grisham’s book about an attorney who leaves his high-priced firm to work for the less fortunate. (Or) About a young attorney who gives up his fast-track corporate job to work at a legal aid clinic. Mario Van Peebles will star.

Threat Matrix“: Centering on a task force that deals with homeland security. From Daniel Voll. (Or) Ex-spouses working to protect homeland security. Starring James Denton (” Philly”) and Kelly Rutherford (“Melrose Place”).

The Flannerys” : In which a family has to start over when the father, a recovering alcoholic, loses his law-firm job and opens a storefront practice to support his family. From Kevin Falls and Peter O’Fallon

Partners“: About a pair of female undercover cops. From Kerry Ehrin and Nina Rodriguez. Starring Liz Vassey (“The Tick,” “Push, Nevada”.)

Karen Sisco” : Which continues the story of the character played by Jennifer Lopez in the movie “Out of Sight.” From Jason Smilovic. Starring Carla Gugino (“Spin City,” “Spy Kids”.)

Untitled” : From Armyan Bernstein. Set in a hotel where the lives of guests intertwine with those of the staff.

111 Gramercy Park” : Detailing the lives of residents and staff members at a posh New York apartment building. From Bob Brush.

Alaska” : A cop show about a state trooper dealing with serious crimes and oddball characters in the title state. From John August.

Mr. and Mr. Nash” : A gay couple who stumble into detective work through their regular gig as interior designers. From Steve Martin. (Won’t appear until mid-season of the 2003-2004 season.)

Cutting It” : The soap opera-like “Cutting It” premiered on the BBC last spring. It revolves around Allie and Gavin, the married owners of a successful hairstyling business. They plan to expand their business, but hose plans are torpedoed when another couple opens a competing salon in the space they were thinking of buying. Further complicating matters, the husband of the new salon’s owner is an old flame of Allie’s and wants her back.

Then Came Jones” : Set in early 1900s Texas.

Untitled“: Featuring Danny Glover. Also starring D.B. Woodside (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”)

Street Boss“:Will feature Joey Pantoliano (“Memento”, “The Sopranos”) as police officer who who trains undercover homicide, smuggling and vice operatives. (Or) Centers on an FBI agent who’s in charge of a group of undercover officers. Starring Willie Garson (“Sex and the City”).

Harry’s Girl“: Follows a woman whose life is narrated by her dog. Jennifer Esposito (“Spin City”) had been tapped to play the lead but has left the project, reportedly over creative differences. (Creative differences in a show narrated by a dog?! Bert.) Christine Taylor (“The Wedding Singer,” “Zoolander”) has stepped in to star.

Untitled“: Nicole Sullivan (“Mad TV”) plays a vet dealing with her new husband and his three ubiquitous brothers.

Criminology 101“: Will star Busy Philips (“Dawson’s Creek”, “Freaks and Geeks” ) and Marisa Coughlan (“Wasteland”) as criminology students by day and crime fighters by night.

Expert Witness“: About a forensic psychologist.

Two and a Half Men“: The comedy focuses on a bachelor who’s forced to change his ways when his brother and young nephew move in with him. Former “Spin City” star Charlie Sheen is in negotiations to star.

Family Show” : Revolves around parents of teenage kids who end up having a child of their own.

The Stones” : Centers on twentysomething children who must adjust when their parents announce they’re filing for divorce. Chronicles what happens to a family of baby-boomer parents and grown children when the parents decide to get a divorce.

All Grown Up” : Focuses on lifelong friends who must adjust when two of them become parents. About a group of long-time friends dealing with the fact that two of them are about to become parents.

Crazy Love” : About a middle-aged couple who adopt a Chinese girl.

Untitled” : Based on the life of Tony Kornheiser, a Washington Post sports columnist and co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” The show will be about a sportswriter/TV host balancing work and family obligations — not unlike “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Kornheiser is a consultant on the project.

Jekyll and Hyde” : From Sam Raimi (“Army of Darkness”, “Spider-Man”.)

Battle Creek” : Focuses on a battle of wills between a police officer and an FBI agent in the title city, Battle Creek, Michigan.

The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire“: From David E. Kelley. Revolves around three brothers in their late 30s and early 40s in a fictional town in New Hampshire. One brother is the town’s mayor and another a police officer. “It’s a place where everything that happens becomes more explosive because everybody knows each other.” Starring Randy Quaid, John Carroll Lynch (“The Drew Carey Show”), Ann Cusack (“The Jeff Foxworthy Show”), Angela Goethals (“Do Over”), Megan Henning and Cleo King (“Boston Public.”)

Chi-Town” : About two sisters who are Chicago politicians. Mel Gibson and his Icon partner Bruce Davey are executive producing the project.

The Lunchbox Chronicles” : A show that was in development for this (2002-2003) season but was set aside when the producers couldn’t cast the lead role. The comedy revolves around a recently widowed mother making the adjustment to her new reality. (Or) a recent widow trying to get her life back together and raise her two kids. Monica Potter (“Along Came a Spider” ) stars. Andy Richter (“Andy Richter Controls the Universe”) will play her friend. However, his part will be recast if “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” is picked up for a third season at Fox.

Cold Cases” : Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and written by Meredith Stiehm (“Beverly Hills, 90210,” “ER”), is about a female detective who works long-dormant cases.

‘”Century City” : A legal drama set 50 years in the future that will speculate on how the legal system will change by then.

Alligator Point“: From Kelsey Grammer’s production company. Set at a restaurant in the deep South, it focuses on the lives of a fisherman, his ex-wife and an eccentric cast of characters. (Or) A Florida fisherman and his oddball neighbors. Starring Nathan Fillion (“Firefly”.)

The Legends of Butch & Sundance“: Willo chronicle the lives of the Western outlaws from the time they first met. Being shot as a “movie of the week” with the possibility of it being spun off to a series.

Touch ‘Em All McCall“: An ex-baseball player returns home after his celebrity has dried up and starts coaching a homegrown farm team. Tom Selleck (“Magnum P.I.”) will star.

Untitled“: Nikki Cox (“Nikki”) as an Las Vegas escort who operates out of a casino and helps the building’s surveillance team. She has to work with a team member (played by Josh Duhamel) who had a crush on her in high school.

Untitled“: About a divorced couple whose children are intent on keeping them that way. Starring Heather Locklear (“Melrose Place”, “Scrubs”.)

Miss Match“: Stars Alicia Silverstone. About a divorce lawyer who moonlights as a matchmaker.

Happy Family“: Comedy about a couple whose grown children keep returning to the fold. John Larroquette stars.

The Ripples“: About a couple who’s been married for 4,000 years — and their 3,985-year-old son, who looks like he’s 15. “The Ripples” frequently flashes back to see the family in different historical settings. Network executives said the show is reminiscent of “3rd Rock From the Sun.”

The Ortegas“: Americanized version of British hit.

Untitled“: Political comedy that centers around a Clinton-esque governor from Pennsylvania.

Untitled“: A comedy that focuses on three adult siblings who have all reached a turning point in their lives.

Untitled“: About a middle-class family learning how to survive with two working parents. (Or) A family trying to keep itself in the middle class.

Untitled“: Sitcom starring “SNL” player Tracy Morgan as a blue-collar business owner and father of two. (Or) A blue-collar dad with big dreams.

Untitled“: From writer-executive producer Peter Tolan (“The Job,” “The Larry Sanders Show”) about a security guard for a gated community.

Untitled“: Based on Howie Mandel’s life as a father to three kids and work on “The Tonight Show,” on which he does hidden-camera bits. The show will blend some unscripted, hidden-camera elements with scripted scenes involving the family.

EDNY“: William Baldwin will play a very bright and slightly loopy attorney who leads a group of prosecutors in New York.

Lyon’s Den or The Lyon’s Den “: Described as an ensemble legal drama set in a mid-sized, century-old law firm. Rob Lowe would play an idealistic attorney trying to make his mark on the world while struggling to escape the shadow of his powerful father, a state senator. Kyle Chandler will play an attorney who resents the presence of this new lawyer.

Homeland Security : A fictionalized look at the fight against domestic terrorism, follows the federal government’s efforts to fight domestic terrorism. (Or) Scott Glenn will play a CIA agent on the verge of retirement. After the Sept. 11 attacks, he puts off leaving his job to work at the new Office of Homeland Security.

Mr. Ambassador” : Everett (“My Best Friend’s Wedding” ) plays a proper Englishman who’s appointed ambassador to the United States and is befuddled by the less formal way of life here.

CHiPs” : Update to the classic 1970’s California Highway Patrol series. From Doug Liman (“Go”, The Bourne Identity.”)

The Mullet Brothers“: “It’s not a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle.” From “Simpsons” writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. The show revolves around siblings who own a roofing company and love their beer and their wrasslin’.

Untitled“: The home life of Wil Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, serves as the basis for their presentation to UPN. The project looks at the life of a blended family.

Game Over“: A family-oriented computer-animated comedy. The videogame-inspired project revolves around the suburban Breakneck family and the unconventional ways they solve problems.

Old School“: Follows a group of twentysomethings who work in a nostalgia shop and reminisce about the horrors of high school.

Untitled“: Focuses on young parents in their mid-20s adjusting to adulthood.

The Edge“: From “Fastlane” writer-producer Matthew Carnahan, follows two green FBI agents and a DEA officer who work in a town on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Vegas Dick“: About a reformed con man who gets a job as an in-house detective at a Las Vegas casino. Rich Wilkes ( “XXX” ) is writing the script.

Your Honor“: About a law-school graduate who winds up winning the election for judge in a small town.

Kamelot“: From executive producer Wes Craven that transports the King Arthur legend to the future. It places the young king in the future, where he rules a Camelot-like society.

Hotel“: An updated version of the old ABC series.

Weapon X” : Apparently nothing to do with the X-Men’s Wolverines origin story. A story about a government techie who gains extraordinary power after having computer chips implanted in his body. (Or) a geeky National Security Agency technician who becomes a living weapon after accidentally being injected with experimental nanotechnology. Starring Christopher Gorham (“Popular”).

Newton” : It focuses on a family that moves to a new town, which also serves as a testing site for an array of high-tech gadgetry.

3 Card Monte” : No info available.

Black Market Music“: Jack Black is currently developing a half-hour comedy with Undeclared writer-actors Seth Rogen and Jason Segel for HBO. Will center on a pair of twentysomethings (played by Rogen and Segel) with different goals who end up running a Hollywood record shop together. Rogen and Segel will also write and produce the pilot, with Black, who brought his original concept for the show to the pair, set to executive produce. Black described his new project as “High Fidelity with a pinch of Taxi,” and plans to invite real artists and bands to appear in storylines as well as perform on the show. Look for Black to guest on his own show.

Lloyd, What Happened?“: Written by E. Max Frye (“Something Wild” ) and executive produced by Tom Hanks.

Good in Bed“: From writer Jenny Bicks.

Untitled“: From Darren Star (“Sex and the City.”) Set in L.A.’s wealthy Pacific Palisades area. Looking to replace “Sex and the City.”

Untitled“: Comedy about a group of friends living in Los Angeles. Looking to replace “Sex and the City.”

Untitled“: Steven Soderbergh will produce and perhaps direct. Will revolve around political consultants. To keep the show current with real-life events, the producers hope to shoot each episode only a week before it airs. That would be a significant departure from the model for HBO’s other original series, which often shoot entire seasons before any episode makes its debut. Each episode would also leave room for improvisation by the cast to incorporate current events.

Untitled“: Starring Sarah Silverman. Loosely based on some of the characters she takes on in her stand-up act, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Details of the show are still being worked out, but it will likely focus on a vain young woman with a self-deprecating sense of humor who tries to do right by the people around her.

Carnivale“: Set during the Great Depression of the 1930s, “Carnivale” focuses on two characters who represent good and evil: a mysterious 18-year-old (Nick Stahl) taken in by an Oklahoma Dust Bowl carnival, and a charismatic radio evangelist in California called Brother Justin (Clancy Brown).

Sinchronicity“: Described as a male version of the hit show “Sex and the City.” Originally devised for British television. “It’s about a group of male friends. Among other things, they will spend time in the series discussing their sex lives, although “there are far more elements to it than that.”

Deadwood“: A western that will blend fictional and real-life characters from the post-Civil War era. The series begins in Deadwood, S.D., in 1876, two weeks after Custer’s defeat at Little Big Horn. Timothy Olyphant (“Rock Star,” the upcoming “Dreamcatcher” ) stars as Seth Bullock, a former marshal who’s trying to set up a mercantile business in the town. The cast also includes Molly Parker (“The Center of the World” ), Ian McShane (“Sexy Beast” ) and Keith Carradine, who plays Wild Bill Hickok.

Peacemakers“: About U.S. marshals in the 1880s.

Baretta” : The 1970s cop show is getting an update. It will keep some of the familiar trappings from the old show — an urban setting, detective Tony Baretta’s pet bird Fred, sidekick Rooster — while giving the character a new feel.

Battlestar Galactica“: Remake of the classic 1970s sci fi series. Starring Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama and Mary McDonnell as the president of the futuristic society.

Brother Voodoo” : Will focus on psychologist Jericho Drumm, who returns to New Orleans after the death of his brother and learns that he is destined to become a voodoo priest. In addition to discovering his talents in the black arts and the responsibilities they carry, Drumm must reconcile the magic and science in his life.

1,000 Days” : Based on the comic book “Strikeforce: Morituri.” Set in the not-so-distant future where a group of soldiers are given enhanced abilities in order to fight the contemporary evils of the world. The gift has a price though: each new recruit will die 1,000 days after they join the special force.

Wild Card“: Centers on a former Las Vegas blackjack dealer who stumbles into a career as an insurance fraud investigator. The show’s central character winds up caring for her sister’s kids after a car crash claims her sibling’s life. She begins her new career while investigating her sister’s accident. Starring Joely Fisher (“Ellen.”)

1-800-Missing“: Will feature Gloria Reuben (“E.R.”) as an FBI agent paired with a psychic, and is being described as a femme-centric “The X-Files.”

Suburban Sleuths“: No info. available.

The Ex-Mrs. Bennett (or) Screwball Homicide“: Centering on a female detective who partners with her ex-husband. Starring Adrian Pasdar ( “Profit” ) and Julie Warner ( “Family Law” ).

Spellbound“: About a male witch (Richard Ruccolo, “Two Guys and a Girl”) who falls in love with a mortal woman. Also starring Fred Willard (“Maybe It’s Me,” “Best in Show.”)