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Post apocalypse TV takes over

We live in a time where there’s not ONE or TWO or even THREE post-apocalyptic TV series. There’s FIVE!

Falling Skies

Falling Skies

The Walking Dead (AMC)

  • Do I watch? Yep.
  • The good: When the story is paced well, the stories of TWD are amazing.
  • The bad: When the story is paced poorly, TWD can be as slow as molasses.

Revolution (NBC)

  • Do I watch? I did, but I gave up on it.
  • The good: Revolution is a fantastical version of The Walking Dead minus the zombies that’s heavy on action and light on horror.
  • The bad: Ultimately, Revolution had a lot of promise but it tried to hard to sell the central plot point of why all electrical devices stopped working. Which honestly I just didn’t find all that interesting.

Falling Skies (TNT)

  • Do I watch? Yep.
  • The good: At it’s best, Falling Skies is a dark look at last remnants of humanity trying to hold on to what’s left and fight back against an alien invasion.
  • The bad: I didn’t think the second season of Falling Skies was as good as the first. It seemed a bit lighter in tone and this might be intentional. Regardless, I still really like this show.

Defiance (SyFy)

  • Do I watch? I haven’t seen this one.
  • The good: Anytime SyFy creates original programming other than reality series is a good thing.
  • The bad: So I need to play a video game in order to fully understand the Defiance TV series? C’mon!

Under the Dome (Premiers June, CBS)

  • Will I watch? I’m planning on it.
  • The good: Based on a Stephen King novel of the same name. Need I say more?
  • The bad: CBS isn’t exactly known for critically acclaimed series. And the vibe I’m getting from Under the Dome is more Revolution than The Walking Dead.