Resin Heroes

2002-2003 Television Pilots (Incomplete at best)

The WB

“Lost in Oz” (Drama): Melissa George (“Thieves”) is a 22-year-old from Kansas who is in the midst choosing between getting married and going to graduate school, when a tornado carries her off to Oz. Once there, the show’s heroine gets political and leads a revolt against Emerald City and the great Oz himself.

“Birds of Prey” (Drama): A possible companion piece for “Smallville,” “Birds” is based on the DC Comics series about female crime fighters in Batman’s hometown, Gotham City. Devoid of superpowers, Black Canary and Oracle (aka Barbara Gordan, aka Batgirl) work together to fight crime. As an added twist, Oracle is crippled due to an ill-fated encounter with the Joker resulting in a bullet to the spine.

“Prep” (Comedy): Not to be confused with FOX’s never-aired “Manchester Prep” (which was based on the hit movie “Cruel Intentions” ), this comedy focuses on the day-to-day lives of the students at a co-ed boarding school.

“Untitled Crazy Grandmother Project” (Comedy): Who’s the parent here? A free-spirited grandmother moves in with her uptight daughter and two grandkids.

The Black Sash” (Drama): A former cop turns martial arts hero.

“Brats” (Drama): A drama about a military family.

“The Lone Ranger” (Drama): Also following on the heels of “Smallville’s” success, the tale of the masked man and his faithful sidekick gets a reworking. Chad Michael Murray (“Dawson’s Creek,” “Gilmore Girls”) and Nathaniel Arcand are slated to star.

“Aces” (Drama) – Daniel Baldwin (“Homicide: Life on the Street”) stars as a professional card player whose son attends an elite private school.

“Do Over” (Comedy) – If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently? A grown man gets a chance to return to the 1980s in order to relive his high school years.

“Brave New World” (Comedy): Two home-schooled kids enter into the daunting-at-the-best-of-times world of public education.

“Everwood” (Drama): A widowed brain surgeon (Treat Williams) moves his two sons to a picturesque Colorado town and opens a family practice.

“Horrid Little Girls” (Comedy): “Popular” mommy Delta Burke stars as the headmistress of a girls prep school.

“Houseblend” (Comedy): Two opposite sex friends, David and Sally, decide to set up house together after discovering they each need what the other has to offer.

“In My Opinion” (Comedy): A young, hip, advice columnist, who, knowing how these things go, could use some help sorting out her own life.

“This Time” (Comedy): Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. On the heels of African-American comedies “My Wife and Kids” (ABC) and “The Bernie Mac Show” (FOX), the WB gives it a go with a Latino family (much like ABC’s recently announced “The George Lopez Show” — slated to premiere this midseason).

“Untitled Amanda Bynes Project” (Comedy): The 15-year-old Nickelodeon star (whose contract expires this season), and Frankie Muniz’s “Big Fat Liar” partner-in-crime, gets her own WB show.

“Untitled Jeff Davis Project” (Comedy): Steve Martin’s “The Downer Channel” didn’t make much of a splash last summer, but one of its stars, Jeff B. Davis (no relation to Ann) gets his own improv gig.



“Firefly” (Sci-fi): From “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon. The crew of a space-ship wanders the outer reaches of the galaxy. A “western” in space.

“Eastwick”: Follows the 15-year old versions of the babies from the black comedy classic film “The Witches of Eastwick”.

“Fast Lane”: Described as a “multiethnic Starsky and Hutch for the 21st century”.

“Save the Last Dance”: A TV series spin-off of the Julia Stiles drama.

“The Time Tunnel” (Sci fi): Based on Irwin Allen’s 1960s TV series of the same name, “Time Tunnel” follows a group that who travel back and forth in time.

Untitled Secret Service Project (Drama): Centering on the Secret Service agents.

“John Doe”: An amnesiac who mysteriously washes ashore and realizes he knows “everything knowable in the world except the truth about who he is. Mimi Leder is attached to direct the pilot.

“The Grubbs”: Based on the British TV series “The Grimleys,” “Grubbs” focuses on a blue-collar family with a long history of failure whose teenage son falls in love with his beautiful new teacher.

“Keen Eddie”: Revolves around an American police officer who goes to London to delve into a mystery that ruined his career in the States.



“Jo” (Drama): Andie MacDowell plays a veterinarian who runs a veterinary hospital in Ascheville, N.C.

Untitled CSI spin-off. Emily Procter will play a member of the forensic team who is quick to issue her opinion, but lacks the education and experience to back it up.

“Sharon McCone” (Mystery): Based on the popular “Sharon McCone” mystery novels by Marcia Mueller.

“The Lunchbox Chronicles” (Comedy): About a widowed mother of two young children.

Untitled Comedy: Based on Nia Vardalos’ one-woman show “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

“Queens Supreme”: Set in New York City’s highest trial court.

“Two Families” (Comedy): Laurie Metcalf, who most recently starred in the comedy “Norm,” will play the lead character, a widow who is mourning the death of her husband. ========================================================================


Untitled Spy Kids style series from producer John Ridley.

Untitled father-son archaeological team show.

Untitled take on the “Nancy Drew” books.

“Astronauts”: About rivals competing for a spot on the Mars mission.

“That Was Then”: A sort of male version of “Peggy Sue Got Married”

“Paranormal Girl” (Sci-fi?): A teen with psychic abilities recruited by the FBI.

Untitled primetime soap about a large family.

“8 Simple Rules”: An overprotective dad and his teenage daughters, with Flody Suarez (“The Tick” ).

Untitled comedy about an interracial couple

“The Oath”: Doctors bucking the HMO system at a hospital.

“EIS”: Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control.

“Homeward Bound”: Centering on a woman who moves home to restart her life

“Dexter Prep” (Comedy)

“The Funkhausers” (Comedy)

“Push, Nevada” (Mystery): An interactive mystery being written by Affleck and producing partner Sean Bailey. Each episode will contain clues that lead viewers to a cash prize hidden somewhere in the country.

Untitled Helen Hunt Project: A family comedy. She and Don Lake will also write and executive produce the pilot.

Untitled comedy from writer Terri Minsky about an office temp who gets a sweet placement and is surrounded by competitive co-workers.

“George Lopez” (Comedy)



“Kingpen”: Spelling-produced “Kingpin” about a drug lord and his family. A Mexico-set drama about a drug operation from David Mills.

Untitled take on the early years of King Arthur.

War Stories”: Jeff Goldblum as a war correspondent.

“St. Georges”: A big city family going to work on an African game preserve.

“Miss Miami”: Latina cop drama.

“Boomtown”: Ensemble cop drama starring Donnie Wahlberg — a bright, shyly charming and soulful detective, who seemingly has it all — a perfect job and a perfect family — but is falling apart on the inside

“Camelot” (Dramety): A former pro golfer who now runs a local course and befriends a young boy.

Untitled Dennis Farina Project: A trucking business owner whose overprotective attitude toward his only daughter causes strife within the family.

“A.U.S.A.” (Comedy): A single-camera comedy about the (mis)adventures of young prosecutors.

“Leave Me Alone” (Comedy): A buddy comedy starring “Saturday Night Live” alumni Lovitz and MacDonald and executive produced by Sandler.

“Hidden Hills” (Comedy): A family comedy from writers Peter Segal and Ric Swartzlander that looks beyond the well-manicured lawns of American suburbia.

An untitled comedy about a man who leaves a high-stress job and becomes a teacher, from former “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” writer Jonathan Groff.

An untitled comedy about Greg Giraldo as a comedian who hires a caretaker to watch his young daughter while he works the stand-up circuit.

“Mr. Sterling”: About an idealistic U.S. senator. Starring Josh Brolin.



“Spider-Man” (Animated): Spin-off of the live-action “Spider-Man” movie opening this Summer



“The Twilight Zone” (Anthology, Horror): Third incarnation of this classic series. Pen Densham (“Moll Flanders” ) will write and executive produce the new project. Densham has worked on updates of several classic movies and series, including the current version of “The Outer Limits” and TV remakes of “The Magnificent Seven”



DreamWorks TV and Touchstone Television Untitled Washington-based pilot: Tom Berenger will play a powerful, arch-conservative Senate majority leader in the Washington-based pilot, while Kyle Chandler will play the legislative director for Rep. Benny Fletcher (David Paymer), who develops a romantic interest in Fletcher’s assistant, the show’s leading character, Paige Armstrong (Leslie Bibb).