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This is an odd very Photoshopped looking EW cover for the upcoming The Avengers movie. 

(via ‘The Avengers’: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man team up — EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK | PopWatch |

Interesting Russian (?) poster for the upcoming The Thing remake. 

(via The Thing Movie Poster #2 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery)

The Walking Dead

Long-ish commercial for the upcoming second season of The Walking Dead

Interesting looking poster for the upcoming AMC series Hell on Wheels

(via First Look: Check Out the Key Art for AMC’s Hell on Wheels - Today’s News: Our Take |

These Captain America and Thor comic covers are quite nice

Cast photo for the upcoming Dark Shadows film. 

(via Johnny Depp’s ‘Dark Shadows’ vampire revealed! | Inside Movies |

Cast photos for the second season of The Walking Dead

Community Song and Dance

Community song and dance opener to the season premier episode. 

How Dan Harmon Drives Himself Crazy Making Community | Magazine

Great illustration for a so-so movie. 


DRIVE - such a good movie.

Full trailer for the upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. 

TV spot for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead

6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About | Film School Rejects

Does Terra Nova = Earth 2?

The new Fox TV series Terra Nova, which premiers Monday, September 26 at 8pm (EST), is by far the most interesting sounding network show to be announced in quite some time. In Terra Nova, it’s the year 2149 and an overcrowded and ecologically destroyed Earth is on the brink of collapse. When a way to travel back into the past is discovered, more specifically back 85 million years to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world, the only way to save the human race is by sending select groups back into the past to rebuild civilization from there.

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This artist concept provided by NASA shows the launch of the rocket design, called the Space Launch System. The design for NASA’s newest behemoth of a rocket harkens back to the giant workhorse liquid rockets that propelled men to the moon. But this time the destinations will be much farther and the rocket even more powerful.

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“Superman fans are awaiting the feature film starring Henry Cavill, set for 2013, but Sept. 26 marks the 70th anniversary of the first — and arguably the best — screen version of the Man of Steel: Max and Dave Fleischer’s animated shorts.”
Fleischers’ Superman at 70 — the best on-screen Man of Steel? | Hero Complex – movies, comics, fanboy fare –

The cover to the DVD release of the TV movies Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon, out October 18, is much more cool than it deserves to be

Here’s a nice looking poster for the second season of The Walking Dead

(via The Walking Dead TV Poster #7 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery)

Q&A With Contagion’s Science Advisor (Plus Spoilers!) | Wired Science |

“Fall TV Preview: 10 Worst New Shows of 2011
Fall TV Preview: 10 Worst New Shows of 2011 -
“It was a weekend in which star power clearly made a difference. Warner Bros.’ star-laden “Contagion” matched solid pre-release tracking to win the domestic box office with $23.1 million, according to studio estimates.”
‘Contagion’ Spreads to $23.1M Box Office, ‘Warrior’ Disappoints | The Wrap Movies

Sept. 8, 1966: Liftoff for the Starship Enterprise | This Day In Tech |

Summer Movie Attendance Continues to Erode -

Lunar Landing Sites: Then and Now | Wired Science |

“Sick School,” Community Season 2 DJ Steve Porter remix. 

The new series Death Valley, on MTV, looks like it could be a winner

A year ago, vampires, werewolves and zombies mysteriously descended upon the streets of California’s San Fernando Valley. Death Valley is the dark comedy that follows the cops that capture the monsters, and the camera crew that captures the cops.

Follow the horrific yet comedic exploits of the newly formed Undead Task Force (UTF), a division of the LAPD created to combat the emergence of monsters in the San Fernando Valley. Death Valley showcases the outrageous and courageous men and women working the toughest beat in the US: Death Valley.

Crisis In Comic Book Land? Comparing new and old 'Justice League' tells the tale | Shelf Life |

The Astro-Horror! The Astro-Horror! Apollo 18 and Its Cinematic Kin | Underwire |

Fall TV Preview

For the slate of new network TV series set to start premiering this month, the future is nothing but bright. Any of these new shows could breakout and become a hit with the public, which would mean untold sums of cash for the networks that air the shows to the producers who created them to the actors that star within.

Of course, the brutal business of TV means that while each season many new TV series premier at the start of the year only a few will be left and the end and even fewer will make it to a second season.

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‘The Walking Dead’: AMC to split season in two AMC,

Are you looking forward to seeing the zombies of “The Walking Dead”?

AMC just announced that the second-season premiere will be 90 minutes. You can catch it at 9 p.m. Oct. 16. AMC will be splitting up the 13-episode season. Six one-hour episodes will follow in the weeks after the premiere. But AMC will hold the final six to start Feb. 12.

‘The Walking Dead’: AMC to split season in two – The TV Guy – Orlando Sentinel

A preview of the third season of Community. Hilarious. 

‘Community’: Are these season 3 pictures from a dream sequence or the craziest episode ever? | Inside TV |