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Andy Richter Controls This Site
Perhaps the funniest show on television, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, is back on the air again after a brief hiatus on Fox. There are showings of this "genius" program Sunday nights at 9:30 and Tuesday's at 8:30. Do yourself a favor – watch this show!

By Bert Ehrmann

Two New
I've added new images to the "Desktop Accessories" section as well as a little commentary on two surprisingly similar posters.

By Bert Ehrmann

Birds of Prey
I saw WB's "Birds of Prey" last night. The show follows the exploits of a crippled Batgirl (Oracle), the daughter of Batman and Catwoman (Huntress), and a psychic teenage runaway with "Unbreakable" style powers as they fight crime in New Gotham City.

The pilot episode was pretty much the quality I expected -- pretty bad but not horrible. The show desperately wants to be one of the "Batman" movies coming off as the Val Kilmer version of Batman. Not the best but not the worst. "Birds of Prey" also reminded me a lot of the now defunct "Dark Angel" -- beautiful cat burglar-esque hero dressed in black being guided through the night by a wheel chair bound helper seated behind a stack of computers. (Yes, I realize that Birds of Prey technically did this first in the comic book, but watch the show and you tell me who was influencing who.)

The show has some promise. It could turn into something cool. However, by the looks of the pilot episode it probably won't. The first episode was full of 21st century cliches -- beautiful teenage runaway not really running away from something but to something, Arnold Schwarzenegger style "come-back" dialogue, Matrix style fight scenes, etc., etc., etc.

The best part of the show was the voice of the Joker as Mark Hamil who is also the voice of the Joker on the animated Batman television show. If anything gives this show some merit it's Mark Hamil, and that's a very bad thing.

By Bert Ehrmann


You really should be watching the best science fiction show on television. No, I'm not talking about the now defunct "Farscape", the uninteresting "Andromeda", or the let-down "Enterprise." I'm talking about the brand new Joss Whedon show "Firefly."

"Firefly" seems to have what other science fiction shows are lacking. Too often sci-fi shows relies on "the gimmick". "The Romulans attack." "The super weapon is stolen." "Firefly" relys on something altogether different – Character and plot development. The characters are interesting. The show is well written.

Watch this show!

By Bert Ehrmann

The first taste of Australian rock quartet You Am I's new album, Deliverance, has arrived. Though the album is not due until September 30th, and no commerical single is planned, You Am I have treated the fans to a rare treat — an online release of their new single, "Who Put the Devil in You?" (complete with full artwork and two excellent b-sides). Free. Get it now at You Am I Central and realize what The Vines, The Strokes and all the other The's are aiming for. Called supreme rock beings by everyone from Bono to REM to Noel Gallagher to Go Dog Go, You Am I promise to deliver one of 2002's best albums.

By Matt Kelley

Ronin the Series
Could be cool but probably won't (from Yahoo):

The FX cable channel, riding high with the edgy cop drama "The Shield," is turning to international intrigue in developing its next series. Reuters Photo The basic cabler has ordered a script for a TV series adaptation of the Robert De Niro feature "Ronin," which MGM released in 1998.

The potential series will be executive produced by J.D. Zeik, who wrote the movie, along with Zeik's producing partner, Paul Kelmenson. Zeik already has a successful drama on basic cable, "Witchblade." He serves as scribe/co-executive producer of the TNT drama.

Read the whole story here.

By Bert Ehrmann

Signs of War of the Worlds
Here's some similarities to the movie "Signs" and "War of the Worlds". (Thanks to Michael Summers for additions to this list):

  • The narrator hides in the basement of a wrecked farmhouse as the Martians stick their tentacles through doors, windows, etc.
  • The aliens are defeated by something innocuous.
  • The aliens have poison gas.
  • Some of the news received was by radio (an homage to the Orson Wells Halloween broadcast?).
  • By Bert Ehrmann

Interesting complement program to the cool MoonDock is EarthGlobe. Whereas MoonDock shows the phase of the Moon in the dock or on your monitor, EarthGlobe shows the progress of the shadow across the face of the Earth. For people with interests in astronomy like me, these programs are the best. (OS X only of course.)

By Bert Ehrmann

iRip off the iPod
(Insert copy machine noise here.)

By Bert Ehrmann

Nexus Auction on eBay
Steve Rude, artist extraordinaire most notable for co-creating "Nexus", is holding an auction on eBay in hopes of raising enough money to produce a one minute feature to help finance a proposed "Nexus" TV show. Interestingly enough, Steve's going to sketch what the winner wants… If you win the dutch auction, you can tell Steve that you want a Nexus drawing or Horatio etc.

Don't miss this opportunity – Steve's a student of the great Alex Toth and has got to be one of todays best artists working in any medium.

By Bert Ehrmann

Wizard World
I've added my review of the Wizard World Comic Con being held in Chicago July 5-7.

By Bert Ehrmann

Kidd Video
Children of the 1980's who spent their Saturday mornings watching cartoons, as I did, should remember "Kidd Video". It was about a California teen music band called, interestingly enough, Kidd Video. The series surrounds the kids turned cartoons and trapped in an alternate dimension called the "Flipside". (Yes, it is as good as it sounds. To an eight year old at least!)

For years I could remember a bit of the theme song, "…from my video to my radio." Now, with the help of the site "Kidd Video Flipside" I can hear the rest of the song, they have it in MP3 format, and learn that the real life "Kidd Video" band toured Israel.

You know your band's made it when you're touring Israel!

By Bert Ehrmann

Minority Report
I've added my review of the movie "Minority Report" to the site.

By Bert Ehrmann

I've placed images from the "Daredevil" and "Solaris" trailers online.

By Bert Ehrmann

Aussom Aussie
I ate lunch today at Ribfest and had a great pulled pork sandwich from "Aussom Aussie." Funny conversation I had;

Me: "Are you surviving the heat?" (It's 84 degrees and humid.)
Aussie: "This is winter where I come from. I like it when it's 120 degrees and you can go to the beach."


By Bert Ehrmann

The Twilight Place
For all things Twilight Zone, check out "The Fifth Dimension" for just about everything related to the series. They've got episode descriptions, images, sounds, and much more. They've even got episode descriptions from the short lived 1980's version of the series. Anyone remember "A Little Peace and Quiet", "Quarantine", "The Wall", "A Small Talent for War", or "Examination Day"? I do.

By Bert Ehrmann

For the first time EVER, it appears that I've been ripped off by an eBay user.

By Bert Ehrmann

58 years ago today, my grandfather stormed Omaha Beach at Normandy with the 29th Infantry Division.

By Bert Ehrmann

Hubble's Infared Camera is Back Online
The Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer has reopened its "near-infrared eyes" on the universe, snapping several of a star-forming cloud to a revealing look at an edge-on galaxy.

By Bert Ehrmann

Michael Summers, proving once again why he is a writer and I am not, has written one hell of an article over on "Earlash" entitled "The British Aren't Coming". It's about the "mid-90s British Invasion that never was…"

Be sure to check out Michael's most popular, by far, Dangerous Universe article "Dream of a Big Huge Turtle."

By Bert Ehrmann

2002-2003 Television
I've added images of television shows from next season to the site. I can't say that I'll be watching most of the shows – since a lot of them look like crap.

By Bert Ehrmann

Greg the Bunny is GOD!
If you've missed "Greg the Bunny" now's your chance to see what the series was all about since it has been canceled. Fox is going to start running GTB Wednesday nights at 9:30, check local listings. Both tonight and next week will feature all new episodes of the "most excellent" series. Hopefully Fox will keep running GTB every Wednesday night this summer – so I can get all the episodes on tape to keep forever.

By Bert Ehrmann

Fall 2002 Television Part 2
ABC, CBS and NBC have all released their fall television schedules for the 2002-2003 season. I can't say that I'm really looking forward to any of the shows premiering on the "big three" networks – I'm not a "big three" kind of guy.

Salon has also posted a review of this season's shows as well as what can be expected with next season's shows.

By Bert Ehrmann

Fall 2002 Television
Fox, UPN and TheWB have all released their fall television schedules. Best bets for next fall include "John Doe", "Firefly", "Twilight Zone" and "Birds of Prey".

By Bert Ehrmann

Doom III
I'm definitely not into video games, but the screenshots from Doom III look scary as hell.

By Bert Ehrmann


By Bert Ehrmann

Newsline: Chicago Cat Surrenders After Hostage Crisis

Photo Caption: Puddles the Cat, of the 1,000 Block of Shermeyer Street, surrenders to Police Detective Baker after a long standoff.
Puddles the Cat surrendered after an altercation that left neighbor Bobby the Dog, 3 1/2 years old, dead. Puddles is accused of shooting Bobby in the chest with a pistol.

Puddles then took an unknown hostage and fled inside his home. Police negotiators were finally able to coax Puddles out after long negotiations and a saucer of milk.

Neighbors were quoted as saying that although Puddles was known to have a "mean streak" they "never suspected that it would come to this." Puddles was charged in 2001 for assaulting his live in girlfriend, but she refused to press charges after it was learned that she was with children.

Puddles, 2, is employed at a local bakery as a mouser. Bobby was unemployed and leaves behind one bitch and seven puppies.

By Bert Ehrmann

My friend Jason has raged and raged about how he stumbled into the Patio (in Indianapolis) late one night last year, paid an eight-dollar cover, and saw a show worth five-fold that. It was Jonathan Richman, ladies and gentelmen, and Jason's cage was veritably rattled. I've courted buying one of his records since, based on Jason's enthusiasm and my own nodding acquaintance with his existence, but it wasn't until I heard Jonathan's track on This Is Where I Belong, the excellent new tribute to the Kinks, that I finally did. I bought Action Packed: The Best of Jonathan Richman's Rounder Years, and life just ain't been the same. This is priceless, priceless stuff, songs that step out of the speakers and latch on to the pleasure areas of your brain and dance about. Timeless songwriting, truly. I say: "Run, don't walk." - Matt Kelley

By Matt Kelley

R.I.P.Greg the Bunny
It's a sad day in Mudville. Fox has CANCELED "Greg the Bunny". Now there's not only a hole in my heart but a hole in my Tuesday night t.v. schedule! First "Undeclared" now "Greg the Bunny"; the two best shows on t.v. this season are dead.

By Bert Ehrmann

Thanks to Matt Kelley, I have my copy of Maladroit a day early. It's full of Weezer goodness.

By Bert Ehrmann

If this happens, you won't have to worry about Spam in your e-mail
Guess what, scientists have descovered a type of star when exploded would wipe out all life on Earth. This should scare the crap out of you – if there wasn't a 100 million year wait. It sounds like science fiction but is really fact.

From the article, "If such a beam were to strike Earth, the effects would be totally devastating, unlike anything we could imagine," Dr Dar said. On the side of Earth facing the explosion, searing shock waves will begin to rip through the atmosphere igniting infernos when they reach the ground. Within moments of the arrival of the radiation from deep space, the atmospheric temperature will begin rising rapidly, wreaking havoc with global weather systems."

By Bert Ehrmann

Eight years ago today, I was finishing up my first year of college and Weezer released their first album, the Blue Album.

By Bert Ehrmann

Funny stuff.

Fri May 2002 10 05:22:27 ET

More than a week before the movie's release, unauthorized copies of the next STAR WARS episode have hit the Internet!

"One bootleg version of ATTACK OF THE CLONES appears to have been made at a private showing of the film, using a tripod-mounted digital camcorder pointed at the screen," the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports in fresh editions. "Another evidently employed a more sophisticated version of the same technique."(...)

By Bert Ehrmann

Learn about all the "ooey-gooey" goodness coming along with Mac 0S X-10.2.

By Bert Ehrmann

I've pulled images from the "Hulk" trailer and placed them on the site.

By Bert Ehrmann

See the trailer for the upcoming, Summer of '03, "Incredible Hulk" movie. The trailer's interesting, though it's missing one key element… The Incredible Hulk.

By Bert Ehrmann

Happy birthday to my little brother Jay.

By Bert Ehrmann

I'm in the midst of switching over from "Dreamweaver UltraDev 4" to "Dreamweaver MX". MX is a great program – now OSX native. It's lightning fast and has several new features. So far, there's only one little thing I don't like about the program – the way it displays ASP in the program. The old way was much better.

I can't wait until we get the full version of this program.

By Bert Ehrmann

Remember the 1980's cartoon sensation "Jem" and her "truly outrageous" theme song? It turns out that Jem's voice while singing is none other than Luna bass player Britta Phillips. Many thanks to Matt Kelley for the info.

By Bert Ehrmann

In what may be the most impressive back-to-back booking in late night television history, The Late Show with David Letterman will feature Paul Westerberg (aka Grandpaboy) on Monday night, April 29th, and Wilco on Tuesday, April 30th.

And while we doubt that either artist will have an exposed mid-riff or choreographed dance move... oh, nevermind.

Stay up late. Set your VCR. Learn to care again.

By Matt Kelley

It looks like there's two competing "Last Man on the Earth" style movies on the horizon (remember the competing "asteroid threatens Earth" or "volcano threatens people" of a few years back.) "I Am Legend" with Will Smith starring and Michael Bay (ick) directing is going to go up against Darren Aronofsky's (Requiem for a Dream) simply titled "Last Man" starring Brad Pitt.

By Bert Ehrmann

From Michael Summers: Why? WHY???

By Bert Ehrmann

More drawings from "The Forever War".

By Bert Ehrmann

Will "Reign of Fire" be any good? My guess is that it'll be typical summer fare.

By Bert Ehrmann

I love "Greg the Bunny"…Blah! Is there a better comedy on T.V. at the moment? Blah. I don't think so! Blah.

By Bert Ehrmann

I'll admit it; I'm actually looking forward to the "Lilo and Stitch" Disney movie. Stitch rocks! When I was growing up, we had nothing like Stitch – just a bunch of lame Muppets in "The Return of the Jedi". Kids these days don't know how good they've got it… Did I just say that?

By Bert Ehrmann

I've added another drawing from the book "The Forever War" to the site. When I'm done, there should be around six drawings total on the site.

By Bert Ehrmann

File this under gimme' a break; "Warner Bros. and filmmaker Stephen Norrington have teamed on a Western adaptation of the classic Japanese animated sci-fi adventure feature "Akira," with Norrington writing the story and directing."

How could you ever do any better than the original cartoon? In my opinion, it's a bit like someone remaking "The Usual Suspects". You cannot remake perfection.

By Bert Ehrmann

Is anything truly original? Is there a difference between "origin" and "influence"?

By Bert Ehrmann

The grand experiment. See a current screen-shot of the desktop of my work computer. It'll be most interesting between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Friday. If I'm not at my desk, you'll see a funky rendering of sunlight on the Earth. I probably won't keep this live for more than a week or two after this posting.

This is now offline. Sorry to all those who missed this.

By Bert Ehrmann

Tuesday nights are one of the few good TV nights left these days. The winning combination of Andy Richter Controls the Universe and The Osbournes make Tuesdays bearable.

By Bert Ehrmann

Good news for all "Batman: The Animated Series" fans out there; Warner Brothers is releasing the first five episodes of the series on DVD April 23. Best extra – "Introduction by producer Bruce Timm"

By Bert Ehrmann

After learning that my favorite book "The Forever War" is being turned into a mini-series for the Sci Fi Channel, I dug through my old portfolio and sketch books looking for drawings I've made about the book. I managed to find several sketches and even a few finished drawings I've made from the book.

Here's the first installment of the drawings.

By Bert Ehrmann

It's official; Weezer has announced that their next CD, Maladroit, hits stores May 14. After Maladroit, Weezer plans to release a fifth CD next February. I can't wait!

By Bert Ehrmann

Stuff that freaks me out #98,712… Zombies.

By Bert Ehrmann

Good news for "The Forever War" fans (me included). The Sci Fi channel's ordered a 4-hour miniseries based on the book. For those unfamiliar, "The Forever War" deals with Private William Mandella, drafted into the ranks of Earth's interstellar infantry to battle the ruthless Taurans. Spanning the stars at faster-than-light speeds, Mandella ages only months – while home on Earth, centuries have passed. The book is partly a reaction to Joe Haldeman's tour of duty in Vietnam and to the book "Starship Troopers."

If you haven't read the book I greatly recommend it. I just hope that the film makers can do the book justice and not screw it up.

Here's the low-down from Corona's Test Pattern:

THE FOREVER WAR (4-hour miniseries) - Based on Joe Haldeman's Hugo & Nebula award-winning classic, this four-hour miniseries is an epic love story that spans a 1000-year war. In the near future, a young man enlists in the army to defend Earth against a far-off alien threat. Almost immediately, he meets a young woman and they fall in love during their first tour of duty, but time and space separate them. However, across the abyss of time she's left him a trail that leads to a sweepingly emotional Sleeping Beauty-like ending. The miniseries will be executive produced by Richard Edlund (7 Oscars for FX including Star Wars, Poltergeist, Raiders of the Lost, Return of the Jedi), with Peter Sussman and Ed Gernon (Joan of Arc, Nuremberg, Me and My Shadows: Life with Judy Garland) executive producing for indie powerhouse Alliance Atlantis. THE FOREVER WAR will be written by John Fasano (Alien 3, Universal Soldier, Tombstone).

By Bert Ehrmann

I've known of "The Donnas" for a few years now, since my pal Michael Summers turned me on to them. Oddly enough, I never was really interested in them before I heard their music on a Target commercial. Now I can't get enough of them and have a couple of their cd's ordered and on the way to me. You can't beat the pure simplicity and power of "Rock n' Roll Machine".

By Bert Ehrmann

(For those unfamiliar) "Heat Vision and Jack" was the pilot episode of the never produced television series by Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. From the unofficial Heat Vision and Jack web site, "(Heat Vision and Jack)…is about an astronaut (played by Jack Black) with a medical secret is on the run from his evil employers with the help of a talking motorcycle called Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson). "

It has to be the most original series pilot that I've seen in a long time. The fact that Fox never pushed the series into production is a mystery to me – how many networks today would kill for a show starring three of todays biggest movie stars; Stiller, Wilson and Black? Was Fox shortsighted in not putting the show on the air or just stupid?

Learn more (there's also a link to download and watch the pilot for yourself)

By Bert Ehrmann

If you're not already watching "Batman: The Animated Series" on Cartoon Network every Sunday night at 7:30 p.m., you should be. For starters the series is on the verge of celebrating it's TENTH anniversary (makes you feel old, doesn't it.) Even better is that the episodes that are currently airing are the top ten episodes as picked by legendary animator Bruce Timm.

The number ten episode that aired tonight was absolutely stunning – I'm glad I taped it.

By Bert Ehrmann

Excited about "Spider-Man" the movie? I am.

By Bert Ehrmann

Indiana goes to the NCAA championship game!

By Bert Ehrmann

Lately, I've been really getting into cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League". (The really cool action cartoons made by Warner Bros.) Fortunately for me, Toon Zone does a great job of covering all the angles for these cartoons.

By Bert Ehrmann

I saw "We Were Soldiers", over the weekend. It was pretty good -- B+ material. The only real flaw was that the film makers tried way to hard to make Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, Mel Gibson, too good of a character -- he had absolutely no character flaws. He was good a good soldier, good to the soldiers under him, a good family man, etc. etc. etc. He was almost Jesus like. Too good. It would've been more interesting if he had ablest some character flaws.

The parts of the actual battle were interesting and horrific all at the same time. I kept thinking that the battle was like some gigantic chess game with Lt. Colonel Moore at the center directing his pieces/men. As the enemy would attack Moore would direct a counter attack and then attack the enemy on another front. If it were a chess game then men died and were badly wounded playing it. Men died for the simple mistake of standing. You could be killed by your comrades accidentally.

An interesting article on one of the combatants who died in 9/11.

By Bert Ehrmann

Apple has released a major update to the software of the iPod with loads of neat features. They've also released the next generation of iPod with a 10GB hard drive.

I currently own the first version of the iPod, with a 5GB hard drive, and use it for both music and to carry files between work and home. I love my iPod.

By Bert Ehrmann

I've added some color test images that I've been working on. One works and one's okay.

By Bert Ehrmann

I've added a list of television pilots for the '02/'03 season that I've compiled from various sources. Several of the proposed series look promising, but I'll be holding my applause until I see the show on television.

By Bert Ehrmann

If you haven't seen Heat Vision and Jack, ask Bert where to get it... it's brilliant. Thank you, Bert, for introducing me to it's brilliance.

By Alex Faurote

Oregon Trail for the Apple ][ was the first computer game I ever played. I remember that my elementary school had one or two Apple ]['s for the entire school. These computers would be wheeled classroom to classroom where you'd get to use the computer for one week every few months. The highlight of the week was getting to play Oregon Trail.

Memories – writing "bad" words on the tombstones for others to later discover and read, shooting deer, fording the river, and (a few times at least) winning the game.

By Bert Ehrmann

VFX Pro is running an interesting article on the FX if "Black Hawk Down". Didn't notice all of the FX shots in the movie? That's the whole point.

By Bert Ehrmann

Every time I watch "Undeclared" I think that it was the "best episode yet". Every time. It's a bloody shame more people aren't watching the show.

By Bert Ehrmann

I (finally) got the opportunity to catch a screening of the movie "Black Hawk Down". Great movie – highly recommended. It was interesting to see just what didn't make it to the screen and what did after reading the book of the same name by Mark Bowden. Oddly enough, some major points to the book were totally left out of the movie. However, I believe that the plot to the movie did a good job of translating the book for the "big screen".

My only real complaint about the movie was the "comic relief" a few of the characters played, this just didn't belong. Still, one small negative point in an overall great movie.

AP: Somali Reaction to the movie
Salon: Review of the movie
Frontline: Ambush in Mogadishu
A Tribute to the Veterans of Somalia
The Philadelphia Inquirer article that spawned the book "Black Hawk Down"

By Bert Ehrmann

The movie poster creation "bug" has struck me once again. This time I've created a poster for the upcoming movie "Reign of Fire".

By Bert Ehrmann

I've added a few more photos to my online collection.

By Bert Ehrmann

I just tried to go see "Black Hawk Down" at two local movie theaters. Neither was showing it due to "Technical Difficulties". I wonder what's up, maybe Fed Ex screwed up and they never received prints of the movie.

By Bert Ehrmann

Apple goes about debunking myths established by the PC market. Take it from me, someone who uses both Windows 2000 and Mac OSX on a daily basis: the Apple operating system is both better and more easy to use than Windows. I could never see myself ever owning a PC of my own for personal use. Period.

By Bert Ehrmann

Ted Demme, director of "Blow" is dead at 38.

By Bert Ehrmann

I absolutely love my new computer. Love it, love it, love it.

By Bert Ehrmann

Coolness! If you search for "Black Hawk Down Movie Poster" in Google, the poster I created is the first thing you'll find!

By Bert Ehrmann

I suggest anyone having a problem with a Microsoft IIS Server returning the error "The requested resource is in use" to read this article. It sure saved my butt!

By Bert Ehrmann

Vanilla Sky = amazing. It is one of those movies that leaves a strange after-taste that most find undesirable, but leaves me longing for more. Along those lines, I must see Mullholland Drive.

By Alex Faurote

A few of the better Weezer fan sites have closed their doors for good and I'm not totally sure why. Too bad, they were both great sites and I'm sorry to see them go.

By Bert Ehrmann

I watched the 'Fishing with John' DVD over the holiday. This DVD collects all six episodes of artist John Lurie's avant-fishing show, featuring amazing locales around the world and guest fishermen like Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Dennis Hopper and more. Weird, entrancing and absolutely funny as heck, 'Fishing with John' is a real gem, if you can find it. It's worth the effort.

By Matt Kelley