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Cool images of the week for June 28, 2013

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A mishmash of cool images I’ve collected throughout the week.

Superman the Pinhead?

Superman seems to be suffering from some sort of “small head” disease from the looks of it in the upcoming Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox movie.


Does anyone know if there’s anywhere I can donate money to in order to stop this terrible disease Superman is afflicted with?

Under the Dome is underwhelming


The first episode of Under the Dome starts of promising enough but soon turns into a great big steaming pile of “meh.” The overall concept of a small town cut off from the outside world by a mysterious invisible dome is promising. I think this alone could have made a good story – I see that as 127 Hours but with hundreds of people. But instead we get two “mustache twirling” villains in “Big Jim” (Dean Norris) and son Junior (Alexander Koch). Big Jim sees the dome as a way to seize power in the town while Junior sees it as a way to lock away his friend with benefits Angie (Britt Robertson) in the families fall out shelter.

Will Big Jim turn the town of Chester’s Mills into a dictatorship? Will Junior get even crazier? Will I watch more than three episodes of Under the Dome before giving up on this one?

All signs point to “yes.”

Ender’s Game propoganda movie posters

I dig these posters, but am getting a little worn out by all the “THIS ISN’T A MOVIE, THIS IS REAL!” marketing of late. See District 9, Pacific Rim and The Purge to name a few.

We get it already.


What to watch: Summer ’13 edition

Usually, the summer TV season means lots of interesting fall shows go on break which are replaced with lots of uninteresting reality shows and other burn-off series the networks don’t have much confidence in. Last season was a bit different. Not much the networks did was successful and, other than a short lived but intense period of quality TV this spring, I didn’t find much of anything to watch last fall/winter on TV.

But this summer there are more than a few series I’m watching/planning to check out.

Under the Dome on CBS

Under the Dome on CBS

Falling Skies, Sundays at 10 on TNT
TNT’s drama about the remnants of humanity fighting back against an alien invasion sill delivers the goods. Now in its’ third season, a new alien race has been introduced that might just give what’s left of the human race the upper hand on the other alien invaders. But can these new aliens be trusted, or do they want the planet for themselves?

Family Tree, Sundays at 10 on HBO
I’m digging this Christopher Guest improvised comedy about Tom Chadwick (Chris O’Dowd) who inherits a trunk of family heirlooms and decides to go on a genealogical journey to find his roots.

Under the Dome, Mondays at 10 on CBS
I’m genuinely excited about this one about an otherworldly dome that suddenly covers a small town in Maine. My only caveats are; it’s on CBS and CBS isn’t exactly known for risky or innovative series, I quite liked the ending of the Under the Dome novel and CBS version of the series will be open ended with an eye to bringing the show back again next year if it’s successful. Still Under the Dome in 2014 then?

Underbelly: Badness

Underbelly: Badness

Underbelly: Badness Wednesdays at 9 on Audience Network (DIRECTV)
I greatly enjoyed the first two seasons of this Australian series but thought the third was just alright but I didn’t care all that much for the fourth series or the three TV movies that followed. I only checked out Badness because there wasn’t much else on and I was happy to find that this series marks a return to greatness for this true-life crime drama franchise.

The Fall, Netflix
Watching Hannibal the same time I started watching The Fall on Netflix almost gave me serial killer drama overload. Luckily, The Fall takes a different tact on serial killers. Here, Gillian Anderson plays Stella Gibson, a detective who’s trying to find a killer of women (Jamie Dornan) in Belfast, Ireland. In The Fall, the story plays out with Gibson searching for the killer and the killer planning his next attack. Gibson has got to be one of strongest female characters on TV, maybe ever.

Orange Is the New Black, available July 11 on Netflix
This drama/comedy about life behind the bars of a women’s prison is by Jenji Kohan who also created the hit series Weeds.

The Bridge on FX

The Bridge on FX

The Newsroom, Sundays beginning July 14 on HBO
The second season of Aaron Sorkin’s drama about the inner-workings of Will McAvoy’s nightly new show promises to bring more intrigue and long Sorkin speeches to the cable news game.

The Bridge , Wednesdays beginning July 10 on FX
Based on a Scandinavian crime drama of the same name, in The Bridge one detective from the US (Diane Kruger) and one from Mexico (Demián Bichir) must investigate the murder of a woman found literally on the border of these two countries.

Low Winter Sun 8/11, Sundays beginning August 11 on AMC
This one is based on a British series. Here, a cop kills another cop but instead of getting away with murder finds himself stuck on the other side of the law.