Resin Heroes

Play Imaginative Iron Man 3 1/4th Scale Super Alloy Figure Series

Very cool, but they retail for around $600. Each. Loads of more photos here.


Bowen Spider-Man 2099 Statue


Total Fabrication

After the success of turning the book The Hobbit into a trilogy of films, the producers of the Ender’s Game book to movie adaptation have decided to turn that movie into three films as well. The titles of these movies will be:

  • Ender’s Game: An Unexpected Journey to Battle School
  • Ender’s Game: The Desolation of the Buggers
  • Ender’s Game: There and Back Again

Ender’s Game: An Unexpected Journey to Battle School is due out November 1, The Desolation of the Buggers 2014 and There and Back Again 2015.

What I’m Watching, April 2013

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones


  • Game of Thrones (HBO): Game of Thrones is the best of the best series in a spring season of a lot of great dramas.
  • Veep (HBO): I don’t think there’s been a lot of good comedies on TV recently but Veep is a big exception.
  • Mad Men (AMC): I think Mad Men‘s finest days might be behind it, but it’s still a great show.


  • The Americans (FX): I honestly didn’t think that The Americans was going to be a good show, let alone a great one when I first heard about it. How happy I am to be wrong.



  • Doctor Who (BBC America): Episodes of Doctor Who this year have been spotty at best but I still dig the Doctor and his new companion.

On the DVR

  • Orphan Black (BBC America): I watched one episode of Orphan Black and liked it but never got into it enough to check out other ones. All episodes are still on my DVR and I think I’ll end up watching them someday soon.

Looking forward to…

  • Arrested Development (Netflix, May 26): I think the return of my all-time favorite TV series of the last decade is a very big deal, not only for the return of the Bluth family but also for Netflix’s continuing commitment to quality original series.
  • The Bridge (FX, July)
  • Low Winter Sun (AMC, Summer)

Hannibal is too good of a show for NBC

cast-hannibal-nbc-550I’m a little disappointing in NBC’s decision to pull the fourth episode of their Hannibal TV series before it aired.

The hour, which features a storyline about children killing other children, was removed from the network’s schedule in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. The hour, titled “Ceuf,” has instead been released as a six-part web series and released Wednesday, a day before the fifth episode of the series.

I get that NBC is trying to be sensitive to recent events, but why pull the episode instead of delay it? With NBC’s fortunes currently in the toilet it seems to me that they should be taking risks exactly like they’re doing with Hannibal to improve their chances rather than taking what they don’t like about the show, editing it for content and hiding the remains on the web for a few to see.

I’m really digging Hannibal, but a move like this by NBC makes me question the future of the series.