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Strikeforce: Morituri Collected Editions

The first and second collected volumes of the comic series Strikeforce: Morituri which covers the first 26 issues are available with the third due later this spring. From Marvel:

A savage alien race called the Horde has invaded Earth, enslaving its people and plundering its resources. Scientists have devised a method of fighting back – the Morituri Process, which grants enhanced abilities to a select few compatible humans – but the transformation is fatal within a year. Now, a handful of brave volunteers make up Strikeforce: Morituri – an elite, experimental and highly effective fighting force against the depredations of the Horde. But the heat of every battle, the celebration of every victory and every quiet moment alone is tainted by the inescapable knowledge that – win or lose – their fate is sealed.

If you dug X-Men:First Class and the TV series Falling Skies you’ll also like Strikeforce: Morituri.

The Avengers Movie Trailer #2


Cool John Carter (of Mars) Fan Movie Poster

15 unsuccessful adaptations of “unadaptable” books

There are plenty of reasons to consider a book unadaptable for the big screen: Too long, too niche-y, too divisive, too internal, difficult content, and so on. Successful adaptations generally find unique, innovative ways of tackling difficult material. Unsuccessful ones, on the other hand, often just throw out everything idiosyncratic or complicated and sandwich a few of the book’s signifiers into a more familiar plot and structure.

via Why did they ever make a movie of…?: 15 unsuccessful adaptations of “unadaptable” books | Film | Inventory | The A.V. Club.

John Carter (of Mars) Final Movie Trailer

The final movie trailer for John Carter is here, and it’s ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!