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  {The Interactive Portfolio of Bert Ehrmann
  Hello and welcome to the second interactive portfolio of Bert Ehrmann. {The first portfolio was entitled "Bertzilla" and was highly instrumental in getting me my first design job. Interestingly enough, I wanted to cash in on the big upcoming Summer of 1998 movie "GODZILLA" by entitling my portfolio "BERTZILLA". Unfortunately for me, the movie really tanked at the box office and now I get teased every time someone sees a copy of the portfolio.}
{Eclipse Included with this CD is the NEWEST interactive portfolio of mine entitled "ECLIPSE". This time I'm taking NO chance with naming my CD after an upcoming movie. I think that the title "ECLIPSE" is a little more classy and takes a lot less chance. This CD represents months of late nights and weekends of work after work. Luckily enough, I actually enjoyed designing the CD and creating the graphics.
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